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“Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader was such a fun and hot read.”
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Flirting with Fire by Kate Meader was such a fun and hot read.  This is my first Meader book and I am quite impressed.

The author created funny, lovable and relatable  protagonists.  Luke and Kinsey are both very strong, career and family driven but not without any weakness.  Both were jaded from heartbreaks and bad choices.  Flirting with Fire is their second chance at life and love.

Luke’s temper got the best of him and his job as fireman is on shaky grounds. His duty is to squash the bad rep he’s made for himself and per Mayor’s request, he is to work with the city’s Public Relations.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?? What’s not to love, Luke after all is the sexiest Firefighter at Engine Co. 6. Not only that, a romantic.  He knows how to put his whole heart into anything he does.  He’ll just need a little help with public relation’s BS.

Kinsey, the Mayor’s PR/assistant is the gal to help him.  Determined to do an amazing job, her goal is to quickly put some fires out and move on to the next project. Even if it means putting sexy firemen and cutesy kittens in calendars. Yes, she plays dirty. I have to say that I am impressed with how she handles her job and life troubles in general. She is one tough cookie.

Luke did good in melting her heart. It took a good amount of sexy and wooing but he also got the job done.  Like I said, he’s quite a romantic.

I love Luke and his family.  They are a family by choice and because of their past they had become a close unit.  Their loyalty and love just oozed out of the book. Dempsey Family include Wyatt, Gabe, Alexandra and of course Luke.  It looks like we will get all of their stories.  There is a big set up for Gage and Brady story. Thier m/m romance novella is set to release the end of August.  Being not a fan of m/m romance, I’m surprised to say that I’m intrigued about their story.  And plainly, I Like Meader’s work.





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