“While FIVE MINUTES LONGER wasn’t a complete winner for me it’s left me curious enough to continue the series.”
~ Under the Covers

This book is just the kind of sci fi romance book that I love to read about!  There’s a new “breed” of Enhanced humans.  They’re segregated and treated as nothing more than animals at times by the government.  Any child can develop this condition, seemingly overnight.  It is recognized by the sudden appearance of a mark under the eye that can’t be covered or removed with anything, and the development of a “power” or specialty.  We see a lot of different abilities in this book and I think that was my favorite part of this story.  I do want to explore more of this world.

As with a lot of first books in a series, there’s some explaining and setting things up.  The FBI is trying to create the first team of Enhanced people and meeting much resistance from the community, other law enforcement… pretty much everyone.   They decide they need a human to be part of the team and make them more acceptable.  That’s where inexperienced Finn Mayer comes in, and his dream of becoming an FBI agent is fulfilled in ways he never expected.

While this is a romance, I felt that it took a backseat to the plot.  In ways, that was good for me because I found myself interested in the world building and the side characters.  In others, not so good because I never really felt that intimate connection between Talon and Finn that went beyond maybe insta-love.

I don’t think I ever had a deep connection to Talon’s character.  He’s the more guarded of the two and I just couldn’t figure him out even at the very end.  Finn was the open book and you couldn’t help but like the kid.  He had some trying days starting out with the team and he handled it better than any other regular human and non-law enforcement would.  Far-fetched?  Maybe just a tad.  But I still liked him.

The team of Enhanced is interesting to me and their abilities are so cool I can’t wait to see what the rest of them will do when they get their HEAs.  While FIVE MINUTES LONGER wasn’t a complete winner for me it’s left me curious enough to continue the series.




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