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Review: Felony Hex by Saranna DeWylde
Felony Hex
Book Info

Released: October 19th 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance



“I’ve come to really like Saranna DeWylde’s writing style.” ~Under the Covers

This is a sequel to FURYOUS INK, even though I don’t believe it’s necessarily a series.  This story tells us the somewhat parallel story of Esme and Frost.  Esme is a witch and was also the woman who broke Kage’s heart many many years ago.  Her backstory in the previous novella was one of the reasons I wasn’t as excited to start this because I thought she had acted so wrong and was going to be one of those tough to redeem characters.

Then she’s paired up with Frost, who is really a witch hunter.  He’s been looking for Esmeralda for a long time and the Fury, Meg, had been hiding her from him.  She’s now completely exposed and Frost comes looking for her.  And things get very…strange from there.

He comes after her on a different level of conscience, so it’s not real physically at first.  And they are both under the influence of a sort of erotic spell that he’s using to influence her to help him bring Galatea back from the dead.

But it turns out that she’s always had a crush on him and he’s also attracted to her.  She has her powers stolen from her and he has to help her recover them.  First, it was so she could help him.  But then things changed. I did enjoy how he came to care for her and protect her.

In the end, I should’ve trusted the author because, yes, she redeemed herself!  I got to like her once I saw her vulnerable side and her side of the story.  I’ve come to really like Saranna DeWylde’s writing style.  It flows, it’s sexy and it feels fresh and natural.  I’ll definitely be looking to read more from her!

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