This novella was perfect to re-ignite my interest in this series.  I started it a while back and I kind of forgot about it, because, well…the neverending amount of books being added to my TBR.  And then I got this novella and remembered what I originally found appealing about this series.  The magic, of course!  In a sort of adult Harry-Potter-ish way, our heroes have magic powers, they can conjure up spells, use magic wands and can even teleport.  Of course most of them are looking for the one true mate.

But not the Wolvesey brothers.  Ronan and Raiden believe that their family has been cursed and that if they mate with a female, she is destined to die and they will live forever alone and with the agony of losing a mate. So they pretty much go around “shagging” women.

But then he met Kari, a human.  And even though he can’t scent her as his mate his attraction to her is more powerful and the fever for her burns deeper than he can fight.

I loved the fact that he’s not part of the Doomsday Brethren yet.  He’s just a regular guy as much as any 80 year old looking like a 28 year old can be, trying to save the woman he loves from impending death by not binding her to him.  And Kari was perfect for him, caring, understanding and willing to put herself out there and only fight him when he deserved it.

But my favorite part?  The glimpses of Shock and Bram.  Ohhh I love those two.  Bram is funny and smart and perceptive and charismatic and did I mention hot?  And Shock is dark, sexy, brooding and….shady, a total badass.  I can’t help but be scared of him but he makes my heart beat fast.

The Brethren adds a few members to their ranks, not only Ronan and Raiden but also Tynan.  I can’t wait to see how the war against Mathias will play now!
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  1. I loved this story. This series is one of my favorites. And I agree, I loved the little bit of Shock and Bram that we got in this story.