I’m late on this one, I know. But better late than never, right?The premise of Fantasy Lover is so unique and genius that I’m baffled to find that no other author has attempted to write something like this before. A Greek sex god emerges from a book to fulfill all of a woman’s sexual needs until the next full moon. Really, what more could a romance reader ask for? If only it were true…

I enjoyed Julian and reading about his tortured past. Cursed forever and trapped in a book, he is forever under the command of his summoner, fulfilling every sexual desire they may have. Blessed with good looks but treated as an object, Julian sees his appearance as a reminder of what causes him so much pain. I really enjoyed reading about his backstory. Filled with lots of drama and pain, it certainly grips you in until you turn that last page. And all that Greek mythology? Wow. I may have been like Grace and slept through those classes in school, but reading about them now makes me wish I paid more attention back then!

Grace is a sex therapist, so I obviously loved her from the beginning. I’m a little biased since I went to school for the same thing (therapy, not sex). Grace is a very likeable character. I liked that she saw Julian as a person and not just some sexual object. Hurt by her own experiences, she knows how painful it can be to be seen as an object to be used.

The emotions roll throughout this story. It’s deep and provoking and pulls on those heartstrings, but I can’t help but think that some parts were a little too melodramatic for my taste. For instance, the whole thing about having a woman of Alexander being the only one to have the ability to break the spell and what do you know, Grace’s surname is Alexander!! And some of the scenes from Julian’s past were also very theatric. Sometimes too much for my taste. Also, what are the chances of a patient stalking you and getting caught in an elevator with him? Close to hmm…zero point zero!

Nevertheless, Fantasy Lover is a really good book. If this is any indication to the type of work for the rest of the series, then I’m going to need a bigger book shelf! This is a biiiiiiiiiiiiig series!


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  1. Wow… it’s been a long time since I read this book. In fact, my copy has the original cover 😉 I really liked this series in the beginning, but then I got series fatigue. Gonna wait a bit and then start back up.

  2. It’s been a while for me as well, but I love the review, makes me want to re-read some of these. I’ve read them all, I love this series!

  3. Hey Lisa, I’ve just finished book 4 and I’m going to take a short break and read another genre before coming back to this one.So good!

    Mine also has the old cover! Wow, Erin we are old skool!

    Thanks Laurie!!