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“FANTASY IN DEATH will definitely go down as one of my favorite books in one of my favorite series. ”
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This will be a very short review… FANTASY IN DEATH is one of the best books in the In Death series. Can I stop there? No, well then I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to the gushing that will commence soon because I bloody loved this book!

As you know, I’m a big In Death fan but this particular book has to be one of my favorites in the series. If you’re a gamer, then you may find this true for yourself, but the real reason I liked this book so much as because of the case.

Bart Minnock, the founder of U-Play, is found beheaded in his private playroom. No one has been in or out, and no one knows how he was murdered since he was killed with a single, powerful blow. FANTASY IN DEATH taps into the Sci Fi aspect of this series, getting deep into the nitty gritty advanced technology that this world has. I think every single character in this book found this case to be super exciting because of the advanced technology. It was hilarious seeing McNab and Roarke drool over everything. You could really tell that they were enjoying themselves.

As probably one of the more gory deaths we’ve encountered in the series, I think Eve had her hands full with this one. But she’s still as steady as ever, trying to find the killer with a ruthless determination. I don’t think there is anyone that comes close to Eve Dallas; she’s truly one of a kind.

FANTASY IN DEATH will definitely go down as one of my favorite books in one of my favorite series. If you get the chance to read it, you definitely should.




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    1. Don’t let the amount scare you. I started out binge reading this series maybe 4 or 5 books taking a break and them back at it again until I’d read them all. Now I curse cause there are only two new ones a year and I can easily read one a day. I almost wish I had’t read the series so that I’d have 30+ fabulous books to look forward to.

  1. You definitely want to start with the first book and work up so that you get the full story behind Eve & Roark. You also can’t appreicate how much Eve has grown and overcome to become who she is today if you down start with book one.