There was something about [Blaire] that instantly made me love her. Maybe it was the gun, or maybe it was just the way she carried herself.  ~ Under the Covers

There’s been quite a lot of talk about Abbi Glines. If you love New Adult, then many readers will steer you towards Glines’ books and they have good reason to do that. In the first book of the Too Far series, Glines presents readers with a lovable heroine in Blaire who has already experienced a lot as a teen. Her mother was sick with cancer and she was the primary caretaker up until she died. Now, she is forced to see her father whom she doesn’t get along with. When she goes to Florida to see him, he is off on a vacation with his new wife, leaving her high and dry with no place to stay. However, Blaire meets her step brother Rush Finley at the house and the guy is a total jerk. He has a major chip in his shoulder and isn’t afraid to be an asshole to anyone he crosses. By a stroke of luck, Rush allows Blaire to stay at his home for one month until they can figure out what to do with her and his father’s situation.

For a lot of the book, Rush has a different way of looking out for Blaire. He’s often rude and possessive when he has no right to be and likes to say things that insult Blaire. Glines makes readers hate Rush to the point where you question how can he end up being the love interest. For most of the book, I thought Blaire deserved more, but Glines did convince me in the end and I was surprised with how she could do that.

One thing I absolutely loved about this book is Blaire. For nineteen, Blaire is very mature for her age. I loved how determined and steady she was even though she was the victim to Rush’s crude remarks. There was something about her that instantly made me love her. Maybe it was the gun, or maybe it was just the way she carried herself.

The ending of this book definitely made me want to read the next book, NEVER TOO FAR. Also, I hear that Woods is getting a book in TWISTED PERFECTION so that one is going to be exciting to read!

I know some people will ask so I will address it here. The sensual level is on the higher side, I would say. Rush is definitely potent and sex is definitely on your mind when you read this book. So if you like New Adult on the sexier side, this one is for you. I think fans of Sarah Ockler’s TWENTY BOY SUMMER would enjoy this.


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  1. Abbi Glines write very good 🙂
    All her books are winners 🙂

    I really like this book 🙂

    Thanks for the post,amazing giveaway Ann 🙂