Shifter bounty hunter!! What an awesome combination! This is the first book in the Night Watch series, but it’s still set in the same world as the Midnight series.The Night Watch agency basically is a group of bounty hunters. There’s hot shifter dude Jude, Dee who is a full human, and hot stuff Zane.In this story Jude happens to pick up a skip who is then brutally killed after getting locked up again. And he is brought in to help figure out who the killer is. But it all turns out to revolve around the beautiful assistant DA Erin Jerome. He can tell she is not a full human, but he can’t figure out what she is.

So Jude was actually my favorite part of the story. Yes, he’s very alpha, sexy, protective, tough… did I mention sexy as hell? Yeah? And he shifts into…. can’t tell you, but he’s verra sexy! Oh wait, I said that already. Moving on…

Erin has lived her life hiding her supernatural tendencies, and she’s had a lot to deal with in the past, but she came off a bit needy to me. She kept saying she wanted a “normal” life when she had something special right in front of her. I thought her special “power” of seeing the death of people that are close to her was pretty cool.

This book was steamy, no doubt about it, but a lot of times I felt it was a bit choppy. The writing didn’t flow as easily as with other Cynthia Eden books I’ve read before, and this is maybe why I kept losing interest in the story.

I think Ms. Eden does an excellent job at coming out of left field with who the bad guys are! And in this one, I actually didn’t suspect it until the end.

I am not so excited to read Dee’s story next, but I will get to it soon. I’m sure my attitude towards her will change in her book.

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