Don’t be thinking that this is just another vampire paranormal! Laura Wright has her own distinct voice that I really enjoyed reading. She’s got her world building in the palm of her hands and she knows how to conjure up some really great scenes! Let me get into all the things I loved about this book!

Firstly, I LOVED SARA DONAHUE!! There were several aspects about her that sparked my interests, such as her job, her brother Gray and her discovery of this unique vampire world. It’s rare for me to really like a heroine, especially in a paranormal romance series but I found that I instantly liked Sara from the get-go. Oftentimes, when reading about a character who is discovering a world she never knew existed, I get bored. It’s always the same “ooh, I can’t believe it!” reaction that results in denial, confusion and frantic shrieks of …more denial! This is soooo not the case here! I loved that Sara had a backbone despite learning about an entirely new world. She was strong-willed and I really respected that. In fact, Sara remains to be one of my favourite heroines!

And then there’s Alexander Roman… I adored his alpha male possessiveness and dark sensuality. I thought the chemistry between him and Sara was great! *cough* shagging against the wall? Yup, you got my approval, Laura! Their relationship developed at a good pace but dare I say it? I think I loved Sara more than Alex! I know, I know, you’re thinking what the hell but I felt so connected to Sara. I would have liked to have read more about Alex’s inner thoughts, his yearning for Sara and his own personal issues with his family. I believe that these things would have strengthened who he was as a character.

What I really enjoyed about this book is Wright’s overall writing style. From the very beginning, I found that there was an ease to which she writes. There is no pulling or straining with her words and they just seem to spill onto the pages and write themselves. It’s clear that Wright has her own distinct voice as a writer and I really enjoyed it! I also really love her choice of names for her characters. The brothers have downright sensual names that roll of your tongue and even her secondary characters had unique names as well.I also want to talk about the world building, because I really loved the idea of the “morphe” and “Shadow of Hollows”. However, I wish there was a glossary because all the terminology was beginning to confuse me. When you have to stop and think about what the terms meas as you read the book, it breaks up the flow and I think I glossary would have prevented that. Thankfully, I know that a glossary has been created for the next book! Woo hoo!Overall, this book was a solid first installment in vampire paranormal series. It seems that I’m still a vampire girl at heart, because I just love these bloody stories!

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  1. Great review!

    Between this book and “Kiss of a Demon King”, you have both the front and the back of Paul Marron covered!

  2. Great review. I just love everything I am hearing about this series and really look forward to reading it.