“Full of doubting hearts, self-hatred, sexy motel scenes and great one liners, Anna and Patrick are one of the best teams I’ve encountered. ” ~ Under the Covers

Enigma is the 6th installment in the Southern Arcana series.  It starts off with Anna Lenoir doing what she does best, cleaning up messes that can’t be exposed.  But while she’s finishing her hunt, she runs into Patrick McNamara, one of the best bounty hunters the super natural world has seen, and the only man to steal her heart.

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, when Patrick sees Anna again it takes everything in him not to pounce on her and give her what she needs; a nice, long, hard………. Reality check!  But as hard as they try to avoid one another in hopes of forgetting what they once shared, the world they live in once again calls on Anna and Patrick to help solve a very serious problem.

My only warning to you all is: Make sure you read these books in order.  I made the mistake of reading this book first and I was a bit lost.  Past characters and stories were brought up and I found myself kind of annoyed I hadn’t read the others, mainly because their stories seemed so interesting.  But if you don’t think about it so much you end up enjoying a really good book and reading some really steamy sessions.  Like broken lamps, fallen picture frames and cracked dry wall type steamy.

Enigma is not your typical PNR story where one character is broken and lost while the other has their crap together and eventually helps the lost one to mend the pieces of their broken heart.  Nope, not in this one.  Anna and Patrick are equally effed up.  It’s no wonder they are destined to be together in a happily, hot mess, ever after bliss.

Full of doubting hearts, self-hatred, sexy motel scenes and great one liners, Anna and Patrick are one of the best teams I’ve encountered.  No matter the situation, they’ve got each other’s back.  Period.

*ARC provided by author

cruxBook 1 crossroadsBook 2 deadlockedBook 3
cipherBook 4 impulseBook 5 enigmaBook 6

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  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve only read the Last Call series by Moira Rodgers and I have a few Bloodhound books in my TBR pile. I have read all their Kit Rocha books and love them.