Review: Enhanced by Evangeline Anderson

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Review: Enhanced by Evangeline Anderson
Book Info

Released: 22 August 2014
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Brides of the Kindred #12
Pages: 445


Evangeline Anderson gives me exactly what I want, a sexy romance that leaves me drooling and looking up to the stars hoping to be beamed up.” ~ Under the Covers

Mei-Li Hastings has been dream sharing with a Kindred, only he has not the type of Kindred warrior that she knows about. He is one of the Dark Kindred, a Kindred who has swapped his emotions for metal enhancements and logic. Six is not happy with the dream sharing with the small human, he joined the Dark Kindred and the Collective to get rid of his emotions and Mei-Li seems to stir up all sorts of instincts, as well as memories that he would rather never see again. But, due to political maneuvering Six is ordered to claim Mei-Li and take her through the full claiming period, all whilst keeping his emotions inhibited, however, having the small and fiery Mei with him makes it impossible to keep a lid on his desires and his memories.

I admit I am in this series for the sexy aliens and their penchant for worshiping their mate, regularly and with tongue. This book didn’t disappoint. Once again Evangeline Anderson gives me exactly what I want, a sexy romance that leaves me drooling and looking up to the stars hoping to be beamed up. So although this may not be my favourite in the series, that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

Normally I am not a fan of the angst ridden, emotionally scarred and broody type of hero but Six did manage to break my heart a little bit with his past and the reasons he got himself an emotional inhibitor. And I loved seeing Mei-Li break down his defenses and get through to his emotions. Of course a fantastic way to get past his defenses is to get hot and heavy, they do say the way to a mans heart is straight through his….never mind. The sex scenes between them were hot, Evangeline Anderson excels at making her aliens delicious dirty talkers with some serious skills. Even the virgin ones…

This isn’t a series that can really be read alone, it is a much better, and less confusing experience to read them in order. There is a lot of political unrest in this book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to see what will happen next and who will be pairing up next.

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CursedBook 13

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About Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing. And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be writing.” Honk if you see her! She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.


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