Cassie is still in a bind. The geis is driving Mircea mad, and if she doesn’t find a way to get it removed soon he will die. Fortunately there is a spell that will remove the geis unfortunately it is in a ancient text that has long been lost, possibly destroyed and also contains a spell that could potentially destroy the world. But that isn’t the only catastrophe that is on Cassie’s rather long to-do list; she now is not only the enemy of the fae, the vampires and the mages, but also a demon lord desparate for a piece of her. And what exactly is it that the mysterious Pritkin hiding?These books just keep getting better, if only I could award more stars, this book definately deserves it. So if you haven’t started reading this series already, there here are three reasons to start:

1. The world, it is dangerous, unpredicatable, intricate, mages and vampires, faeries and demons they all fight it out making it a fascinating setting for the Cassie’s adventures.

2. Cassie herself! She is one of my favourite heroines, tough and smart yet very sympathetic. Most the time she is dashing around frantically to solve problems, save the world and keep all her allies from killing eachother, and sometimes her!

3. THE HOT MEN! Now this series doesn’t have that much sex in it in typical UF fashion. However, there is plenty of potential, intially you have Tomas the angsty master vampire, then you move on to bigger and better things in the form of Mircea the beautiful and dangerous member of the vampire senate, and my personal favourite Pritkin the deranged and aggressive war mage, who is waaay more then he seems!
No I haven’t actually said that much in this review about this book itself, but what can I say that I haven’t in the other reviews? The action is, as usual, fast paced and exciting as the plot lines in the previous books climax (hehe pun intended) and evolve and grow into more complex issues. The sexual tension between Cassie and Pritkin and Cassie and Mircea ups a notch and you learn some new and unexpected revalations about each character.In conclusion I really enjoyed this book and the series in general and can not wait to get on to the next book!
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  1. I LOVE Pritkin. But I think it’s strange the way Tomas basically just disappeared from the series. His short story was even stranger… with absolutely no explanation of how he got out of Faerie.

    Jen at Red Hot Books