“Now, to the more important question, did the book live up to my expectations? Yes and no.”
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Ella is one of the last humans left in the world, her species is close to extinction after being annihilated by the savage and merciless shifters centuries before. Now, her and her kind live in remote areas on Earth and keep themselves hidden. Which, is why she is in so much trouble now, caught in a trap about to be discovered by one of the beasts. Only, the beast isn’t quite what she expected, he’s handsome and kind…and doesn’t rip her into shreds as she has been taught he will. Humans have been rediscovered by the shifters and Ella can only pray that history doesn’t repeat itself.

I loved the concept of this book! It’s such a reverse of the typical paranormal romance formula, instead of the shifters/supernatural creature hiding from humans, it is the other way round. Humans live in tribes and live off the land in remote forests and mountains, without shifters knowing they are there. Until Ella gets discovered by her “beast”. It’s a unique idea that I haven’t come across before in paranormal romance and what prompted me to buy the book.

Now, to the more important question, did the book live up to my expectations? Yes and no. Yes, because I really enjoyed it, the romance was adorable and as I said, I really liked the concept behind the series. And no, because although I did like the book, it didn’t really stand out as anything special, the small suspense part of the plot was wishy washy and essentially the feel of it wasn’t that different from any number of paranormal romances I have read in the past.

But, this was a solid read, I liked both the main characters, Ella and Ty Bearclaw and their romance was really sweet, immediately you could tell that they cared for one another. It also had a nice amount of humour in it, some of it stemming from Ella’s reaction to the modern world and some of it banter between Ty, his sister and friends. The other characters, who I guess will be having a book in the series, were also nice background dressing and definitely added a sense of familial warmth to the book.

This was a nice read and I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series, if you fancy a paranormal romance with a little twist in it, pick this up.



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