“…a fun slow burn with an interesting setup…”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve had this series on my radar for years and I always found reasons not to try it because of the genre.  It’s really the only thing that was throwing me off.  So I decided to put it on my Roundabout Challenge for this year’s new adult reads and went into it finally!

Here’s the thing… I’m not the biggest new adult fan and this is very much a new adult feel novel.  The heroine is in a bad relationship and she’s emotionally manipulated by her long time boyfriend.  She’s made choices in her life that aren’t what she wanted for herself and she felt like that’s all she deserved to get.  Until she meets Dash and he shows her what a true friend should be like and what life with someone that cares can be.  I can’t say that I didn’t feel bad for Blake but I wanted to shake her sometimes.  The things she kept doing for her boyfriend Justin, what she was letting him get away with, how he would treat her.  I get all those things are valid points of an abusive relationship but that didn’t make me less angry.

Whenever I see a character going through that I really want to make sure she can stand on her own two feet before jumping into another relationship because honestly there’s a lot of growth that has to happen for me to buy she’s a strong independent woman.  That selling me on it was not enough for me.  I liked the final resolution but I still didn’t think she was strong enough. And maybe that’s why there’s a second book about this same couple from what I can tell?  I’ll probably pick it up and see.

Overall, this was a fun slow burn with an interesting setup while the heroine is studying meteorology and Dash is out chasing storms.  I love these kind of scenarios (although I would never put myself out there willingly) and I enjoyed that aspect of the story.  The friendship was also well done.  I think this fits well within the genre, which is probably the reason I didn’t connect with it as much as I wanted to.  But it still was a fun read and I’m glad I gave it a shot.


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  1. Love this cover!!! Awesome review Francesca!! Shared on all my socials! On my tbr gr list!

  2. I agree. I like to see a bit of time for a character to be on his/her own before jumping in to the the next relationship.