I was easily sucked in to Ms. Martine’s out-of-this-world beings. ” ~ Under the Covers

Drowning in Fire has the best story-line out of the three books. There is more suspense and certainly more adventure added to the plot.  Having the setting in the Hawaii Islands fascinated me and the background story of the Elementals and Keko’s ancestry were very interesting.  I was easily sucked in to Ms. Martine’s out-of-this-world beings. Overall, an enjoyable read.

This book was really hard to rate. While I enjoyed the premise, my opinion of the heroine went from adoration to annoyance then to respect. Kiko is first and foremost a warrior and this is ingrained down her core. And I applaud her for all her strength, accomplishments and ambitions.  However, when it comes to love or plain and simple trust, she is totally clueless.  I nearly classified her in the TSTL category. She does have a background that leads to her distrust of people and that’s understandable, but sometimes she was over the top. In the end, her goal to save her people saved my opinion of her.  I was impressed by her unselfishness and determination to save everyone she loved; a true hero in my book.

Behind every great woman is a great man.  Keko is lucky to have Griffin who has the patience of a rock.  He stuck by her side and supported her despite her lack of trust.  When together, Griffin and Keko were very hot and that’s not just because of the fire Keko yielded. They did have chemistry even when fighting each other.  After Griffin’s heart break in Liquid Lies, I’m happy that he gets his happy-ever-after.  It’s overdue and well deserved.

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Liquid LiesBook 1 A Taste of IceBook 2 Drowning in FireBook 3

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