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Tielo the dragon decides on hosting a poker party to lure potential human mates to the club, Drake’s Lair. This is where Tielo meets his mate, Lyra, a schoolteacher who is interested in the high stakes of the game Texas Hold’em to win money for a family in need. However, despite her good intentions, she doesn’t understand just how authentic the role-playing of the members as dragons goes until she becomes the object of their desire.

This is my first read by Jory Strong and I enjoyed her writing style and voice. DRAGON GAMES delivers a strong start where the author creates distinct personalities for both the hero and heroine. My only issue with this is the fact that this novella is only 76 pages and our protagonists don’t actually meet until around page 40. For me, 30 pages isn’t enough to create a believable romance and this is where I think the book faltered a bit. If this were a full-length novel, then I believe that the author would have been able to explore their desires more deeply and penned a stronger romance. Unfortunately, everything seemed very rushed in the end, even with a wonderful start.

I also wished to see more dragon antics. Most of the focus was on the poker game and the seduction, so readers don’t really get a full on taste of what Strong’s heroes could potentially be. Again, I only wish the story was longer to further explore this avenue.

All in all, DRAGON GAMES is a quick, sexy read. While not the strongest in plot or romance, it does deliver strong characters and scorching sex scenes.

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  1. Thanks for a great review! That’s the problem that I have w/ novellas too, it seems like it’s so rushed sometimes and if’s it’s a great story, I’m still disappointed that the author didn’t flesh it out more.

    1. Hey Aly,

      I’ve read some stories that were 50 pages long and had a nice HEA but for this particular title, I think the author simply waited too long to have the hero and heroine meet. As a result, she had to play catch up a bit.