I get two sexy aliens for the price of one, how could that ever be a bad thing?” ~ Under the Covers

Rebecca Malone was supposed to become a nun, but after accidentally eating far too much bonding fruit and being eased by Twin Kindred, Far and Truth she has decided not to take her vows. Far and Truth managed not only to touch her body but her heart as well. The only problem is that Far and Truth were separated at birth and now seem to hate each other, the only time they have ever worked together was to ease her after eating the bonding fruit. And Becca has doubts of her own, how is she to chose between two men she loves? And belonging to two men goes against her very traditional upbringing. But, it seems that the three of them may have to work together if they are to help save the Kindred from the latest threat. 

I love this series, I have been following it from the start, and like many longer series Brides of Kindred has its great books, and its not so great ones. Divided is definitely one of the best books of this series.

For a start…I get two sexy aliens for the price of one, how could that ever be a bad thing? Far and Truth were both big, handsome and delicious, how Becca wasn’t constantly climbing them and demanding sexercise is beyond me. But, more than that, this book was really touching as it featured not just the relationship between the twins and Becca, but also the reconciliation of Far and Truth. In the end, I almost enjoyed seeing Far and Truth overcoming their past and forming a brotherly bond more than I did watching the romantic bond between Becca and the twins. 

I said I almost enjoyed the reconciliation more, what tipped the romance to the lead were the sexy parts. The twins were dirty talkers, especially Far, and I love a great dirty talker, it notched the heat level of this book up to dangerous levels, and I loved every second of it. Double the heroes, double the pleasure it seems! Evangeline Anderson excels at writing fantastic sex scenes that not only make me drool, but are also imbued with feeling making all those deliciously illicit scenes feel not only hot, but romantic as well. 

I can wax on about this book and series for ages, I must begrudgingly admit that they may not always have the greatest story lines, but I can’t deny how much I enjoy them anyway. Her heroes always manage to light my fire and I love the idea of the Kindred, if aliens ever come to Earth I want it to be them, and I can’t wait to be called to the Mothership, beam me up baby!

Girls Guide to the Kindred:

Beast Kindred aka Fuckably Feral Aliens– Savage in battle these dark, brooding warriors from Rageron bring their passion and intensity to the bedroom. They possess a very special endowment that ensures every sexual experience is a tantric one.

Blood Kindred aka Space Vampire Aliens-Cold as ice to their enemies, these tall, blond warriors from Tranq Prime warm up when they find the right woman. But be careful…they bite.

Twin Kindred aka Menage a HOT Aliens-Muscular and rugged, these warriors from Twin Moons always come in pairs and cannot be separated. They experience physical pain when parted from each other…or the one woman they both choose to love. (MY FAVOURITE!!)


Claimed Hunted Sought Found
Revealed Pursued Exiled Shadowed
Chained divided

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Hunted: Amazon Barnes & Noble | GoodReads Our Review
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Found: Amazon Barnes & Noble | GoodReads | Our Review
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  1. Omg how did I not hear about this series before?…I was surprised by how much I like alien books such as these…thanks