“Don’t you just love it when a man-whore meets his match? ”
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In Aurora Rose Reynolds’ third book in the Underground Kings series ladies man Sven finally meets a woman who doesn’t fall on the floor legs akimbo for him. So, what does he decide to do with this irritating woman? He hires her as his assistant. Soon he can’t get the thought of Maggie out of his mind and yet she seems completely oblivious, until one incredible night together. The only thing is, she can’t remember a thing about it.

Don’t you just love it when a man-whore meets his match? I certainly do, especially when it’s one of those opposites attract kind of deals. Maggie, a former plus sized model and Sven suave night club owner don’t seem to work at first glance, but the more time they spend together the more their attraction and chemistry grows. I loved the first half of this book where Maggie and Sven aren’t quite together, Reynolds builds the tension between them really well, you want them both to finally succumb to their feelings.

The thing is, once they did, the book got a little boring, I still loved all the sexy romance parts, no doubt Maggie and Sven make an excellent couple. But, once again in this series the book was let down by the weird and nonsensical suspense plot in the background. It didn’t detract from the romance, but I was skim reading these parts so I could get back to the good stuff.

Now, I can’t wait for the next book in this series, I am so excited that I made the fatal mistake of reading the extract. Justin, the goofy tech guy with a big heart, is a character I have loved from his first appearance in Reynolds books and I am desperate to read his romance. So, bring on the book!spacer


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