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“Hot sex and kitchen fun mixed in for good measure.  You may never look at kitchen utensils the same way!” ~ Under the Covers

Errol King is a bit of an asshole.  But I sometimes like that.  He’s a conceited, possessive, jealous, self absorbed, asshole.  Am I enticing you yet?  But he oozes confidence and it is well deserved.  You know from the beginning a man this jaded must have more than a few skeletons in his closet, and it was fun seeing some of those come out slowly in this book.  He’s just the type of hero you want to see redeemed (after some good groveling).

And ah, Taryn Cummings.  You border on TSTL at times, but I have to blame it on your crush and infatuation that you let a man treat you the way he does.  As the book progresses, I think Taryn grows though.  And it was a nice surprise to see the ending.

I was surprised to see this was a student/teacher story!  Another one of my new addictions this year.  Taryn is from New York and goes to Paris to attend culinary school.  Errol is a Master Chef in charge of one of her classes.  He wanted her from the moment he saw her picture in her application and went to great lengths to immediately have her.  They maintained this relationship while still being student/teacher.  I think this angle was handled pretty well.

The chemistry between these two was great, and once I got over my initial shock and dislike about how the beginning of the book was setup, I ended up enjoying these two quite a bit.  It was more than a little hot.  Maybe that’s just the foodie in me, but all the play in the kitchen and with food was scorchingly sensual!  Yes, I wanted Taryn to grow a pair of balls, but she was slowly getting there.  I know there’s got to be more to find out about her as well, and I can’t wait to get there.

I didn’t realize this was a trilogy about the same couple, but this book ends in a cliffhanger and it’s not the end of their story, so be warned of that.  I have no problems with that, but I know some people like to know that going in.

All in all, I was pleased with this book.  I enjoyed the story overall and I think the next installment will be even better.  This had exactly the feel I was craving.  Hot sex and kitchen fun mixed in for good measure.  You may never look at kitchen utensils the same way!  😉

Favorite Quotes:

“Forget everything you hear. Forget everything you’ve seen. Forget everything you’ve tasted. Forget everything you can touch. Just feel.”

He brought the bottle above her heaving breasts and let the thick dark liquid slide into her cami. “I want you to remember how molasses looks…how it feels.”





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