Simon’s crazy recklessness is what made him a Disillusionist, no gamble is too small for him, no risk to big to take, all in his effort to defy fate, a fate that would have had him die 13 years earlier. Fawna is caged with her knowledge of the future and Simon’s devil-may-care fuck you attitude to fate both fascinates and repels her, she longs to be free of her cage as Simon seems to be free of his. But Fawna has seen the death that awaits in Simon’s future is desparate to stop it.The Disillusionist Trilogy was one of my favourite series last year, they were original and fun with an array of quirky characters. None quirkier then Simon, he isn’t your typical hero, his reckless headlong stumbling from high to low, to having lots and losing everything, his irresponsibility isn’t normally a trait attributed to our heroes. But his charisma pours off the pages and I am so glad he got a novella of his own! Fawna was also another quirky one, she is weird and wacky but wonderful and although a lot of heroines with a nasty past such as hers would be down with the brooding, she has decided to embrace her new life.

As with the Disillusionist Ttrilogy the writing is fantastic, it draws you in, it is very emotive making you feel like you are right their experiencing everything with the characters. Although this is a fairly short novella, a lot is packed in without it feeling rushed and it leaves me desperately waiting to see what Carolyn Crane will write next!

Favourite Quotes:

No doubt he chose those jeans specifically for their butt-hugging abilities. He probably practiced that hug-promoting movement in the mirror.


“Maybe it’s my magic wong. Does wonders for the ladies.”


“Sometimes,” Packard said, “having nothing to lose is something to lose”

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  1. Have not read this author. Lol at the “magic Wong”. The quote alone makes me want to read this book. Will be checking out this series. Enjoyed the review.

  2. I have Devil’s Luck on my TBR pile (rather my Kindle), but I haven’t read the rest of the series, so I’ve been waiting to read it. I enjoyed the review, I’m definitely going to have to read this series soon.