Review: Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens

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Review: Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens
Devil's Bride
Book Info

Released: 01 March 1998
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Cynsters #1
Pages: 416


“This book was well polished, full of intriguing characters, many of whom are of the bad boy variety, and packed full or passion and romance.” ~ Under the Covers

Miss Honoria Anstruther-Wetherby has plans, plans for adventure and excitement, so what she doesn’t need is the unwanted attention of a Duke. Especially when that Duke is a Cynster, the head of a family notorious for being wild, but Devil Cynster, Duke of St. Ives is determined to have Honoria as his bride and the more she stubbornly denies him, despite the attraction and passion between them, the more he wants her. But, he must also keep her safe, there is a murderer intent on doing harm to his family and most especially him, putting Honoria right in his sights.

I can’t believe this book has been published since 1998 and yet this is the first time I have read it; the first time but I highly doubt it will be the last. After feeling like I have been fighting my way through a field of ‘meh’ with my reads lately, Laurens has cleared the way, showing that although Devil’s Bride is an oldie, it’s a goodie. This book was well polished, full of intriguing characters, many of whom are of the bad boy variety, and packed full or passion and romance. A great start to a series.

If you like your heroes intense, arrogant and gorgeous, then Devil will charm you immediately. But despite his name I hesitate to call him a bad boy, as the Duke of St Ives and the head of the Cynster family Devil has a lot of responsibility on his broad shoulders and he takes them very seriously; nothing is more important to him than his family. Nothing maybe, except perhaps Honoria. Honoria is proud, intelligent and stubborn and I loved seeing her match wits with Devil, one of them always seemed to end up speechless either with rage, passion or incredulity- sometimes all three. However, Honoria seemed oblivious that the more of a challenge she was, the more eager Devil was to stalk her and bring her down…right to the marriage bed.

“You are riding for a fall, Your Grace,”
“I’ll be riding you before Christmas.

This is the start of a long series, fifteen full length novels so far, and in Devil’s Bride we meet a few of the likely heroes of the future books. I cannot wait to see each of the handsome and arrogant Cynster men fall in love. The quote below perfectly describes the Cynster males.

They were also invincibly arrogant, a characteristic fueled by the fact that they were, by and large, as talented as they thought themselves, a situation which engendered in less-favored mortals a certain reluctant respect. Not that Cynsters demanded respect – they simply took it as their due

Although I enjoyed this book and it is one of the best books I have read this year, the reason it didn’t get full marks was because of the intrigue plot. Laurens makes it very clear from almost the beginning of the book, exactly who the culprit is, and yet the mystery stretches on till almost the end of the book. It did mean that Honoria and Devil were put through intense emotions and situations that they wouldn’t normally, leading to some very emotional scenes and revelations. But, I did find myself getting bored when they were discussing it…it just seemed so obvious.
This was a fantastic read and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series, Laurens has created a romantic and passionate book, with a couple that fit together perfectly, if you are looking for a quality historical romance read, not a short bit of fluff, then give this book a try.
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  1. I believe I read this some years ago might need to reread to refresh my memory…thanks for the review Suzanne

  2. I have managed to collect all of the Cynster books & have only read the Cynster Sisters trilogy from a couple of years ago. I plan on reading this series by the end of the year. Thanks for the review!

    1. I hope you like it as much as I did Sharlene! There are so many Cynster books and now this trilogy…I am glad I liked it, I now won’t run out of historical romance I want to read (as if I didn’t have enough already lol!)


  3. I’ve read other books by stephanie laurens and have looked at these but I don’t know if I can afford to get sucked in to another long series

  4. Devil’s Bride is one of my all-time favorites. Great review–hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

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