“If you are looking for an entertaining, sweet and sexy paranormal romance, you should check Jessica Sims out!” ~Under the Covers

This was such a quick and enjoyable read!  I actually enjoyed it more than the first book and I can’t really pinpoint the why.  Maybe it’s because I like to see a heroine that has gone through abuse take charge of her life and not let things “happen” to her again.  Maybe it’s the fact that I LOVE a big brooding hero, tough on the exterior, who is also a sweet teddy bear on the inside and … a virgin!

We met Sarah in book one when her human sister, Bathsheba, was dedicating her whole life to protecting Sarah and covering up the fact that she was now a turned werewolf.  What we didn’t really know was that she was abused by her boyfriend who then sort of accidentally turned her into a werewolf until Bathsheba got rid of him.

Now that she was outed as a werewolf, the local pack wants her to join so they can all mate with her.  Sort of barbaric.  But werewolves are not the civilized bunch in this story.  Sarah has the brilliant idea to fake a mating to another shifter so they’ll leave her alone, and she ends up with the toughest and scariest of Beau’s enforcers, Ramsey.  Ramsey is a bear shifter who really doesn’t say much other than grunting and bashing skulls.

Sarah and Ramsey were so cute together.  Ramsey, for as big and strong as he is, handled Sarah and her hang ups about being touched after her abuse very well.  He was sweet and slow with her.  Sometimes even too much.

As they pretend to be in love, they fall in love.  But they also have to deal with the nasty werewolves who are trying to trick Sarah into making a mistake so they can use her in their pack.  Although there are some that are still redeemable and I can’t wait to read about Connor.

If you are looking for an entertaining, sweet and sexy paranormal romance, you should check Jessica Sims out!  These are fast reads that will lighten up your mood and leave you with a smile on your face!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation Francesca! 🙂
    My sister also recommended me this series,sounds promising,paranormal romance books never enough 😀