Whips and chains and ….. cock leashes?  Let Jo Carlisle take you on a sensual ride that is not for the easily offended.  This book had me gasping and in shock while sometimes having to read things twice because…. no they didn’t!

First of all the timeline of this book is a bit in the middle of Temptation at Twilight when Luc disappears.  Vampire + valkyrie usually works for me, especially because I love valkyrie personalities.  Fun, hard asses used to getting their way.  Kassandra is a valkyrie warrior and is assigned with guiding Luc’s soul to the afterlife.  Except she gets there right before he dies and realizes that he’s her mate.  Against all rules, she saves Luc and brings him to her palace in Valhalla.

Luc is a very alpha vampire, and very sexual.  He’s immediately attracted to Kassandra and even though she treats him a bit as a slave at first, he actually finds that he likes it.  Of course, he is more of a pampered slave being given his choice of a harem to feed on.  I knew I was going to like Luc from the first moment I read about him in the first book, and I did like him.  I even enjoyed the fact that he is an alpha male in every sense of the way but he is perfectly ok with his desires to submit to Kassandra in the bedroom.

Kassandra, even though I really liked her, must have issues.  Some of the things she has obviously done with others in the past sound a bit extreme and even her ideas of a good time for Luc, well… lets just say she’s lucky that he got off on all that because it could’ve been scary for most other people.The relationship between Kassandra and Luc developed fast physically because they are both very sexual but their love and connection built up slowly throughout the book until you could believe they didn’t want to be apart.

Nevertheless, amongst the non-stop debauchery, this book does manage to tell a good story.  What a difference that was from book one!  The love between Kassandra and Luc is always there, you can see it in both of them even when they are playing with others.  Oh yeah, that hasn’t changed.  The one thing you can expect from this series is sex.  A lot of it.  With a lot of people, different people, threesome and moresomes, and they are not shy about the man love.  Even with the demon Legion, who I thought at first I should be scared of but grew to love by the end of the book.  I hope we get to read his book with his one true love.

*ARC provided by publisher

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