“Each book has me falling in love with the fae all over again. ”
~ Under the Covers

Eden is determined to survive. She didn’t live through the end of the world just to be enslaved into a work camp. With just her wits and a garden implement she manages to escape. And then run into a terrifying new sight. He’s big, grey and clearly not human. Yet, he says he only wants to protect her and keep her safe. But Eden has been lied to before and she isn’t about to repeat her mistake by trusting someone else, especially someone as scary as Drav her new hulking, fae shadow.

I have become obsessed with this series. Not only does it have a great setting – a post apocalyptic zombie-infested earth – but it has just the type of hero that I adore: Gigantic, slightly outlandish, gorgeous, fierce and gentle. So, when I started reading the fourth book in the series, I fully expected to love it. And I did, it had me swooning over Drav, our fae hero and through Eden, we get a glimpse into the life that humans now face. It’s not a great world out there, if you manage to survive the increasingly more cunning zombies and the vicious hellhounds you then have to try and survive the other survivors. It’s easy to see why Eden has trust issues.

But, as much as I enjoy the setting it’s the romance that has me glued to my kindle screen. Each book has me falling in love with the fae all over again. Until recently the fae had never seen women before, they are both clueless and curious. Which is it a great combination and perfect for eliciting a few laughs when the innocent fae, unknowingly, ask some embarrassing questions. The fae have also never seen children before. I say this as it’s an important factor in the way Drav managed to gain Eden’s trust and give her a choice about how their relationship progresses. Eden lies to Drav, telling him she is 12, which is clearly a lie but he believes it as he knows no differently. What Drav does know is that any female under 18 is off limits and so immediately starts caring for her like a child – which was cute as all heck. Even when he discovers the lie, he doesn’t push it knowing that it makes her feel safe. This allows Eden to make the choice regarding when she wants to “grow up”. It becomes a code for when she is ready to trust and move their relationship forward.

I’m explaining it clumsily, but I love when the impetus of a romance is the heroine making a conscious choice. Although Drav thinks of Eden as his, he respects her boundaries and doesn’t try and bulldoze through them. Which in a nutshell is why I love this book and Haag’s fae heroes so much. This was another great read and I highly recommend giving it a try if you are after a sweet paranormal romance.


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