OK, call me crazy, but you might notice that I didn’t necessarily love book one of this series.  I had to actually push myself to finish it.  But here I am reading book two.  Why you might ask?  A couple of reasons actually.

1. I have a bad habit of wanting to know what happens in a series.  It has to really be terrible for me to not give it another shot.

2. Kristina Douglas is actually a pen name of Anne Stuart.  And I LOVE Anne Stuart.  So I wondered how can I love her work as Anne Stuart and not give this other pen name another shot?

3. I actually liked the world itself in this series and I was intrigued by Azazel’s character in the first book.

So what did I learn?  The series does get a little better.  For the most part I didn’t want to kill the heroine and believe that’s a step up from what I wanted to do the first heroine.  However Azazel disappointed me.  I was expecting him to wow me and he just fell a bit flat.

In a nutshell, it’s been 7 years since the death of his mate and he’s still not fully recovered.  He’s assigned with finding a human woman believed to be the Demon Lillith, and the prophecies say she’s supposed to end up being his wife.  His job is not only find her but basically deliver her to her death.  Except she has no memories or even instincts of who or what she is and he finds himself caring for her as a woman.  And if part of his job of bringing her down is to sleep with her, to prove that she doesn’t have power over him, then well, we won’t say how he succeded or not at that task.

Now Rachel is by no means the brightest bulb in the box but she’s ok.  And Azazel had some hot moments.  So it’s not all bad and there is hope still.  However, it may take a little bit of time before I’m ready for book three in this series.

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  1. I am the same way about a series, I have to know what happens. I didn’t care for this book either. I just couldn’t connect with either character. At least in the first book I liked Raziel. The story arc is interesting.

  2. What a hoot! Well no one can get you for not trying! This ‘I have to kill my future mate’ plot line sounds like what I’ve been reading in the Lords of the Underworld series (for my Immortal Reading Challenge commitment no less).

    Thanks for the review!