Look at the pretty cover!!!!  I was also very excited to read the book because I couldn’t wait to read about Logan and the sexy neighbor.  Sadly, this book, as well as the first in this series, was just okay.  This series is not filling the void that the ending of Elite Ops left.

In a way, the continuing killer that just wants to exterminate the Callahan’s is a bit like her Men of August series, although the suspense part was done much better in those books (brother sharing and menages aside there).  I don’t know what it is that her writing is lacking but there’s a spark missing for me.

I will also point out that I got this on audiobook so I didn’t encounter any of the editing problems I’ve seen some other people mention with this book.  I’m not sure if that’s really due to better editing or just the fact that the narrator read what it should’ve said instead of what it actually said.

Now on to the hero and heroine.  Even though Logan and Sky worked well as a couple, I still don’t like the recurring theme in this series where the girl has been in love with the man her older sister was dating.  I was however, happy to see Sky wasn’t a virgin!

The storyline was better than the first book in this series, so I guess there is hope still.  Logan’s ex-girlfriends, or ex-hookups, are being targeted now by the killer on the off chance that he might’ve gotten them pregnant and there might be some Callahan rugrats running around.  As much as he’d prefer to stay away from Sky to protect her, she proves her skills and connections are useful in aiding the brothers.  Once he decides that, all the possessiveness comes out.

A new player is introduced that might be able to help them out in the future and I am curious to see where the story will go from here.

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