Find out our thoughts about Dead Sky Morning by Karina Halle, a new adult horror romance full of nail biting action and one of our recommended reads.

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Dead Sky Morning
by Karina Halle

Experiment in Terror #3
Released: October 11, 2011
368 Pages | ebook

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BE WARNED!!  Fangirl gushing is about to begin!

OMG OMG OMG If I could just write a review with OMG and F****cking Awesome then that would be it for this book. Because it was OMG F*****cking awesome! Dead Sky Morning is full of nail biting suspense, mixed in with just the right amount of forbidden love.  But it’s all wrapped up in creepily awesome story that completely blew my mind!

Dex and Perry go to D’Arcy Island to investigate a leper colony that is on island and is said to be full of ghosts. And, as if leper ghosts aren’t enough, there were also missionaries who died on the island and whose stories haven’t quite been told.

But, of course Dex and Perry attract the ghosts on the island right away. Dead Sky Morning went from gross, to creepy, to plain out scary , it was a complete mind f*ck. As I was reading, it had me constantly questioning my own suspicions about what was happening. Is Perry really crazy? Is Dex trustworthy? I felt like there was no safe haven for me in this book, and the unstable feeling I got from it was awesome.

I read this book in one night while curled up on the couch. Obviously I had to make sure I was in the corner, with my back to the wall with no windows allowed behind me. Just in case the ghosts came. And, I don’t think I could’ve done without the support of my friends, who got plenty of creepy text messages from me as sh*t was hitting the fan.

Then there’s Dex and Perry’s relationship.  I’m on pins and needles with them! We were thrown a curve ball at the beginning of this book and it left me completely flummoxed. I love these two with a passion and I can’t wait for them to see they love each other. The chemistry between them is just off the charts.

in conclusion

Dead Sky Morning is by far my favorite book in the series so far, maybe because it’s also the scariest.  I predict that I will become completely addicted to this series. Actually, I think I already am!

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