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Review: Darkness Rising by Keri Arthur
Darkness Rising
Book Info

Released: October 25, 2011
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Dark Angels #2
Pages: 341


Keri Arthur continues Risa Jones’ journey as she tries to avenge her mother’s death. However, in the process, Rise gets tangled up in business with Madeline Hunter, the leader of the vampire council. Her task is to find a killer. The victims are losing their immortal powers, causing them to age rapidly and grow mad. Tasked with finding out the reason why, Risa is put to the test to see if she can handle herself in the worst of times.

I recommend reading this series in order because there is not much summary from the first book of this series. If you don’t, you may miss some important backstory going into this book. Furthermore, the romantic subplot to this book carries on from the first book as well.

Speaking of romantic relations…or um, the lack of with a particular reaper, I was glad to read about Azriel again. As a spiritual being, he takes the form of a shirtless and totally ripped, dark-haired warrior with a wicked blade strapped to his back. Azriel is Risa’s reaper and sexy sidekick. He follows her around, whether she likes it or not and this time, Azriel shows more human emotions than the last book. Apparently, if he stays within a form long enough, he starts to gain human emotions. I CANNOT WAIT to read more about him. He’s just all kinds of awesome.

Tao and Illiana, Risa’s BFF also make regular appearances as does Stane. I love it when they are all kicking some ass together. They are just so badass.

What I also love about this series is the incorporation of various mythology. There’s some witchcraft, some bits of folklore and Arthur really makes it her own. I’ve never read anything like this series.

If the first book in the series got me pining for more, then this book has made it into a full blown addiction! I’m hooked!

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  1. Ok, I’ve yet top try this book in the series…but the last two I read of hers were so so. I’m a little leery about continuing but your review may sway me to not give up just yet!

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