I read the blurb for this and I thought it sounded cute so I decided to give it a try.  Well, I am actually surprised of how much I liked it.  Normally short stories are hard to do and even harder is when you throw in the love at first sight in 80 pages or less.  Usually doesn’t work for me.  But these two talented authors managed to get me into this story so much I could see past the jumping into love too soon because it fit with the characters.

Owen is on vacation in London with his best friend, who happens to be his ex-girlfriend.  She leaves him alone for one night because she managed to hook up with a guy and is going to get a little some on the side.  This leaves Owen to face London by himself and he ends up in the most disgusting pub where he meets Malcolm.  Malcolm is smooth and sophisticated, extremely hot, and very forward.  He sees Owen and goes in for the kill right away.  Good thing Owen was comfortable with his sexuality being that he’s bi and has already been in a relationship with a guy before.

A bit of the jock and the banker, Malcolm likes to play as a Dom and be hard core.  Owen is so in tune to Malcolm that he knows what he really needs and gives it to him.

I think this worked so well because Owen is the type of guy that doesn’t sleep around without getting his feelings involved.  He puts so much value in being a couple, now and in the past.  This attitude softens Malcolm almost from the beginning.  I think Owen was the perfect guy to break through Malcolm’s hard mask.

Yes, in the end you could say the love and HEA is a bit rushed because who can possibly want to make life altering changes after less than a week with a person, but I could definitely see their relationship going in that direction so it didn’t bother me as much.

This was a sexy, fun and great fast read!

*Review copy provided by publisher

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  1. I have been interested in this book each time it pops up as an Amazon recommend. I’m still on the fence about reading it, but since I have a huge TBR pile I can afford to wait. ;D Thanks for sharing your review!