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I’ve really been looking forward to this series, it’s a spin off of Dixon’s Corsairs series which is where you originally meet the va Sithai brothers. Much like the heroes in the original Corsair’s series, they are space pirates with hearts of gold. The va Sithai brothers are looking for a lost (space) ship rumoured to be brimming with treasure. However, when they find it, it isn’t quite the treasure they were expecting.

This series is interesting, as I said it’s a direct spin off of the Corsair’s series; however, as well as this Dixon sets all of her books in the same universe and there were a number of elements in this book that referred back to some of her other books. For example, a certain ice planet was mentioned and Risda was an important feature of the book. Does that mean you need to have read Dixon’s entire backlist to understand what is happening in this book? No, you don’t. However, I would recommend reading Where She Belongs as the heroine is mentioned a few times in passing and it does help build up the main plot of this series.

But, back to the book. Adiron was a ray of sunshine. Usually it’s the heroine who is the bubbly, happy go lucky one, but in this book, it was the opposite. Adiron was adorable, he enjoys laughing and making others laugh, he likes to be positive, and he isn’t afraid to let his feelings be known. This sounds like it could be irritating and shallow. But it wasn’t, Adiron had his fears and doubts, and he feels deeply. It was lovely to see this in a hero rather than a heroine.

“No underwear?”
“Nah. I prefer to travel the universe free-balling. Makes me less uptight,”

As for Jade, our heroine. What a bad ass. She’s a survivor, using limited resources to keep her and her group of friends alive in some extreme circumstances. I loved how wily she was.

She is also a curvy heroine who has a few issues with her body and her jiggly bits. Especially as she has to compare herself to her friends who she feels are far more beautiful. Now, I know we are supposed to be at one with our bodies, even if they are big ones. However, as a bigger lady myself I know that I have insecurities and “loving your body” after 30 years of people telling you it isn’t the right shape just doesn’t happen, at least not for me. So, when I read curvy/fat heroines, I identify far more with the heroines who do have those insecure thoughts. Do I want it to be all they think about? Of course not. But in the context of a hottie like Adiron falling in love and wanting to see the aforementioned jiggly bits, I know I would have some pretty harsh thoughts about myself, and I liked that Jade did as well. It just felt more real for me.

This book was a delight though, seeing Adiron try to woo and earn Jade’s trust was adorable. And it was hella sexy as well. Adiron may not have much sexual experience, but the man has some natural talents he put to good use. Overall this book was an easy read; a sweet and sexy romance with a low level of conflict within the couple, but lots of interesting things happening in the story, so prepare for some action and adventure.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and see the other va Sithai brothers and Jade’s BFFs fall in love. But, as well as the romance, I am also looking forward to learning more about the mystery of the lost ship and what happened to it.  

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