At 27 Maggie is still working as a waitress in a cafe when everyone else seems to be moving on. Her best friend Olivia is getting married to the man of their teenage fantasties, her sister has got a great family where as she has a Masters she hasn’t used and a crush on Domenic, the bus boy, she is afraid to act on. And lets not even mention her size, especially not The Area. But as Olivia’s wedding aproaches and it becomes apparent that their bestfriendhood may soon be ending Maggie starts to face some demons.I’m not really a chick lit reader, normally I will move on if a book isn’t heavy on…

a) romance
b) sex
c) magic
d) violence
e) all of the above

…but I was seduced by the cute cover and when I took a sneak peek at the first chapter and had a bit of a laughing fit, I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did! It was a great book, funny and I couldn’t help but love Maggie and her screwed up ball of insecurities, which basically boiled down to her being afriad of rejection and doing everything she could to avoid, from not applying for jobs that she really wanted to not going for the guy she is in love with.

Although the plot was predictable, it didn’t matter, watching her hilarious journey to from invisble to (fairly) confident was a great ride, which had me laughing from cover to cover. So, much like Maggie, I am glad I went outside of comfort and tried something new!

Favourite Quote

This is my favourite time of day. I call it Guess Which Boxers Domenic Brown, My Future Husband, Is Wearing game. I’m working in shortening the name, but for right now let’s just stick with that. The audience is quiet.The drumroll …the suspense is killing me. The bend. The squat. Light blue with a Scottish plaid waist. Nice. Very nice. Worth the wait.

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