Mara Skiren is a Scavenger, a smuggler and criminal, but the doesn’t stop the 8th Wing from blackmailing her into helping them save one of their pilots and a high tech fighter ship that has been taken from them. Used to flying solo Mara doesn’t like having the arrogan Commander Kell Frayne, on her ship, the Arcadia is her home and she rarely allows anyone inside. But Kell quickly gets under her skin and she finds her self reluctantly falling for him.

I don’t know if I have just overloaded on sci-fi romance or if this just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I didn’t like it that much. The universe was just text book sci-fi with nothing to really distinguish it from countless others and I found it irritating the way random new words, obviously relating to something sci-fiey, were just thorwn in without any kind of explanation. In the end I found that bit boring but bearable.

But, what really bugged me was the romance. It was so over wrought! Having read some Zoe Archer before I was a little prepared for this, but after reading it I need to shower to get all the damn sap off! Every look was soul-wrending, every sigh was deep and meaningful, you couldn’t damn well blink with out it having some kind of deep meaning and having, yet another, wall collapse around someones either heart or soul, how many walls/barriers can one possible have?! In the end I just got exasparated with it all and speed read it to get to the end.

I am trying not to be too negative, but when you are reading a book but wishing that the world destroying bad guys win you know that something isn’t quite right!

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