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CLUB JUSTICE was my first book my Mara McBain. As the first in the TrinityFalls series, I went in sort of expecting a SOA feel to it. While I did get some of that, I felt that the story was definitely more plot driven than romance driven. This didn’t bother me in the least because McBain has a very good, suspenseful plot here.

Detective Zeke Bawer is on the hunt for a serial rapist. Since this is a motorcycle club series, you can expect the gruesome details, although I wouldn’t say it’s the most traumatic ones I’ve read. But it’s still highly detailed and spares no emotion. As the investigation leads into a personal matter, this is where things start to resemble the motorcycle lifestyle. There’s shocking twists and turns and a lot of chaos to come.

I found that I really enjoyed McBain’s ability to create a family within the brotherhood of the motorcycle club. While it has a suspense and lots of action and violence, there is also a great emphasis on family and the concept of brotherhood as well. I personally really enjoyed this aspect of the book and feel that it’s the key to a lot of good motorcycle novels. While all the graphic violence is eye-opening, for me what makes a SERIES strong is the fact that there are places to go after the first book. McBain seems to have a solid plan going into the next books of the series so I’m eager to see how those books pan out and discover what else lies ahead for the Lords of Mayhem.

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