“For those of you who love a sweet, beautiful love story with little angst, CLEAR WATER is for you.” ~Under the Covers

Oh, how I just loved this book!!  What a beautiful, sweet story – a definite keeper and addition to the re-read pile!

From the outside looking in, Patrick Cleary has it made.  He is the son of a self-made millionaire, and even though he’s twenty-three, he is living comfortably on daddy’s dime.  But that doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Patrick flounders through life and love.  He can’t hold a job for very long, and he has been unsure of what he wants to do for a career for years.  His mother left when he was young, and he doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad.  He rambles when he speaks, has an inordinate amount of energy, and is impulsive.  According to himself, he is a spaz and a fuck-up.  Sounds kinda crazy, right?  Nope, not at all.  What Patrick is, is a sufferer of ADHD – attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.  While he takes medication to help with his ADHD symptoms, he has no support from either his father or anyone else in his life, which includes his scum-bag boyfriend at the beginning of the book.  He’s repeatedly looked down upon, and his words have no value to his loved ones.  Before long, Patrick is in a precarious position and left for dead.  Fortunately, science researcher extraordinaire, Wesley Keenan (aka Whiskey), is in the right place at the right time and saves Patrick from his near-fateful night.

What Patrick has been missing all is life is found with Whiskey.  Whiskey and his fellow researcher and best friend, Fly Bait (who is one bad-ass female character, by the way), are researchers living in a boat on the Sacramento River, trying to ascertain anomalies found in some of the tadpoles and frogs in the river.  Whiskey takes Patrick in and nurses him back to health after his accident, and before long, Whiskey and Fly Bait decide to let Patrick stay with them on the boat and help with their research.  Whiskey is patient with Patrick, and he works with Patrick to help him maintain calm, providing him with the tools necessary to cope with the symptoms of his ADHD.  He cares for Patrick for who he is and not what his dad’s money can buy.  He provides Patrick with the reassurance that he is not a fuck-up, and that he is perfect just the way he is.  What eventually develops after saving Patrick and taking him in is a profound friendship and a beautiful love story.

Patrick and Whiskey are both completely lovable characters.  Patrick is about 13 years younger than Whiskey, but these men work so well for each other, the age difference is not a factor at all.  While Whiskey is often seen and portrayed as the rock that Patrick needs in life – and he is – Patrick provides what Whiskey needs in life as well.  Patrick is a snarky smart-ass, helpful, and is strong in his own way…a way that totally resonates with Whiskey.  As their friendship grows, both men have strong feelings for the other, but they both push them aside, worried that escalating the relationship to one that is sexual could be dangerous to the relationship they’ve built.  Patrick has a poor history with past boyfriends, and he equates sex with being used for his body and not loved for who he is.  Whiskey doesn’t want to take advantage of Patrick, and wants Patrick to be in the right place in his heart and mind before they take things to the next step.  Their chemistry, however, takes over like the boiling water in a lidded pot: watch out, because when the pressure builds and the lid pops, things get incredibly hot and steamy.

Amy Lane is an amazing writer, and she is notorious for writing books full of some serious angst.  CLEAR WATER is another of her amazing books, but there is not much angst in it.  I am fine with either, so the lack of angst didn’t bother me at all.  For those of you who love a sweet, beautiful love story with little angst, CLEAR WATER is for you.  You will not be disappointed!

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

Oh, God.  Patrick.  Patrick is proof that you are there.  You could have let him just sink into the black river alone, but you gave him me, and then you gave me him.

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  1. oh my love these covers. Once in a while I do love myself a sweet romance with little angst 🙂 will add this to my wishlist

  2. You’re so welcome, ladies!!

    Lily – definitely check it out when you want that sweet story. 🙂