Review: Claiming Addison by Zoey Derrick

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Review: Claiming Addison by Zoey Derrick
Claiming Addison
Book Info

Released: January 6, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 350

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“HOT!!! These three have a blistering chemistry that comes off the pages.” ~ Under the Covers

Wow…. let me get myself together after that one!  I’ve never read a rocker romance/erotic romance.  How I’ve managed that, I’m not so sure.  I think I’ve been spoiled for life after reading Claiming Addison, the first in Zoey Derrick’s 69 Bottles series!  Addison Beltrand is a PR rep for Bold International.  In a last minute change, her boss asks her to take on the job of a lifetime, representing 69 Bottles, a headlining alternative band (who she just happens to be a HUGE fan of).  She’ll be touring with them for 12 weeks around the country.  She knows she’s in for a ride, but never expects to come face to face with not one, but two temptations in the form of Talon, the band’s lead singer, and Kyle, their manager.  She’ll have to let down a wall to experience what these two have to offer. Kyle and Talon find Addison more than irresistible.  She’s sparks something in them that both confuses and excites them.  Can they act on their desires and follow through to fulfill what both their bodies and their hearts crave?

My favorite things:

  1. Addison! She’s a no holds barred, no apologies kind of girl that isn’t afraid of what she wants, even with a painful history that’s made her withdraw when it comes to finding love again.  When it bites her, she’s able to get it together and take the pleasure that life has to offer. She’s hysterical, laugh out loud funny, but takes her job seriously.  And I was relieved that she wasn’t the jump-into-bed-with-every-hot-rocker kinda girl.
  2. Talon and Kyle: Opposites both physically and in personality, these two have such an open and accepting relationship. They’ve known each other a long time and have the comfort of friends, but both a harbor certain…attraction to one another that hovers beneath the surface.  It’s about to come to a head at full force.
  3. Sexy times: HOT!!! These three have a blistering chemistry that comes off the pages. I appreciated that it’s not all about the sex itself, but the build-up, the foreplay, the scenes before that turn you on.  As you might have guessed, this is MMF in every combination.  When they do all come together, you should be ALONE.  I think the look on my face might have given away just how into it I was!

I’m glad the next book in the series comes out next week and continues this threesome’s adventures.  I can speculate where it’s headed, but I don’t think that will do the story justice.  I’m excited to see how these characters push themselves to the limit to explore all they have to offer one another.  So happy I discovered this author and glad that the wait will be short.

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About Zoey Derrick

It is from Glendale, Arizona that Best Selling Author Zoey Derrick writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.

Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.

Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again.


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