Review: Caveman Alien’s #1- #3 by Calista Skye

Review: Caveman Alien’s #1- #3 by Calista Skye
Caveman Alien's #1- #3
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Released: April 13th 2017
Series: Caveman Aliens #1

“…it’s kind of ridiculous, but a lot of fun…”
~ Under the Covers

A whole bunch of women are kidnapped by aliens. However, the aliens who abducted them never take them wherever it is they’re going before crash landing. On the positive sides, all the aliens that abducted them have gone. On the negative side, the planet they’ve crashed landed have alien versions of dinosaurs and has left them no means of getting back home. On the other plus side the planet does seems to have some very friendly, and gorgeous, caveman aliens that seem willing to help them.

So I read the first three books in this series in rapid succession and although I enjoyed them (obviously as I read all three of them pretty damn quick!) they were all followed the same basic pattern. Which, is why I am reviewing them all at the same time as I feel the same about each book.

The first three books are:

1. Caveman Alien’s Ransom
2. Caveman Alien’s Mate
3. Caveman Alien’s Rage

In each book, each woman gets rescued and then kidnapped by her caveman alien, who look similar to humans only are bigger and have stripes like a tiger. The caveman alien keeps her safe and they fall in love. Of course, in each book there are different and interesting nuances to each tale, but that’s the bare bones.

I like the idea of this Jurassic Park alien world, it’s kind of ridiculous, but a lot of fun and I enjoyed reading the romance between each woman and her very eager to please caveman alien. For a pre-historic people that had no women they were very civilised. So, if you want a fun and sexy alien romance, give these a try they are short but sweet.

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