Review: Captured by Melinda Barron

Review: Captured by Melinda Barron
Book Info

Released: March 1st 2010
Series: Sons of Gunnmarr #1
Pages: 93

Captured isn’t a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it for what it was, a sexy, slightly cheesy PNR with pages full of hot sex-starved viking shagging.”
~ Under the Covers

The Sons of Gunnmarr have had a curse set upon them due to the greed of their father. All three have been sent far away, cursed to never die, but to live an endless life of solitude and loneliness. Which, is why after countless years Rugoff, the eldest of Gunnmarr’s sons is shocked to see a woman in the middle of his land. Shocked and pleased, he is determined to keep her and make the delectable woman all his.

I have a secret. I am a complete sucker for these kidnap-a-woman-and-make-her-yours kind of stories, whether is be aliens beaming me up to their space ships or viking taking me to their furs. I admit in real life if some overly beefed up guy tried to kidnap me, I may have a slightly different reaction, but for the sake of a few hours of fun and sexy times I lap it up.

Now, Captured isn’t a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it for what it was, a sexy, slightly cheesy PNR with pages full of hot sex-starved viking shagging. But, it did entice me to want to read the rest of the books to see if I will enjoy what the other brothers have to offer as well. I’m guessing more of the same, but I look forward to finding out.




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About Melinda Barron

Melinda Barron loves to explore Egyptian tombs and temples, discover Mayan ruins, play in castles towers, and explore new cities and countries. She generally does it all from the comfort of her home by opening a book.

Melinda loves to lose herself between the pages of a book. The only thing she loves more is creating stories from the wonderful heroes and heroines that haunt her dreams and crowd her head. She believes love is for everyone, not just those who are a size 2. Her books are full of magic, suspense and love, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Mel currently lives in the Texas Panhandle, with two cats, and a file stuffed with new ideas to keep her typing fingers busy, and your heart engaged.

Mel also writes as Maura McMann


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