Megan Harris and her daughter, Summer are caught in an apartment fire and seek safety in a bathtub as fire, smoke and debris surround them. Huddled together, Megan covering her child with her body is how Gabe, the firefighter of the Sullivan family finds them.

But despite the obvious reasons to be scared and distraught, he sees these two fire victims and immediately admires Megan’s strength and courage in such a situation. Putting her daughter’s needs before hers, Megan walks on her own two feet to escape the fire that almost stole their lives.

Gabe is astounded, never witnessing such a show of strength from a woman before. However, just as he gets the mother and daughter out of the fire and into safe quarters, a beam hits him upon the head and knocks him out.

Megan owes her life, and more importantly, the life of her daughter’s to this firefighter, so when she learns that he had been injured while risking his own life to save theirs, she goes to see him in the hospital. Sparks fly and chemistry ignites. There is nothing half-measured in a Bella Andre book.

I was pretty impressed by how Ms. Andre captured my attentions in this book. From the very first page, I was hooked by the suspense and action, the thrill of the hero and the sensitivity and emotional aspect to the storyline.

Megan has had a hard past. Her husband died in a plane accident, so now living with Summer and raising her on her own is a challenge that Megan finds difficult, but also rewarding. But it is for this reason that Megan is so hesitant to open her heart fully to Gabe. His job requires him to put his life in danger each day and Megan’s heart can’t accept the fact that he may never come back home to her.

Traveling this distance takes time and I think Ms. Andre did a great job of showing that emotional journey for Megan. There were instances where the author mentions tiny bits of earlier in the book and I was surprised to think how long ago it felt because so much happens emotionally in this book that you wonder how Megan could come so far from where she was in the beginning of the book.

What I really loved about Megan was the fact that although she wasn’t sure about Gabe and how their relationship could work, she was still sure of herself.

This quote displays this perfectly:

“You can’t date my brother,” he growled. “Any of my brothers.”
“What are you talking about?”
He advanced on her even as she backed up to get away from him. “Zach. He went to your house on Sunday.”
“He fixed my flat tire.”
“I’ll bet that’s not all he wants to fix.” He had her almost pinned against the wall by then. “He’s going to ask you out. The answer is no.”
Surprise turned to outrage in a flash of her green eyes. Instead of continuing to retreat, she was the one advancing on him this time. “I’ll say yes if I want to.”

Resisting Gabe is a hard task, but Megan has been burned many times in the past. Despite that, she’s still a strong woman who guards her heart well and does what she can to protect her daughter, Summer. I have to respect that.

That quote also displays another thing I just had to include in this review. Gabe Sullivan – the newest addition to my hottie harem. Wow, I adored Gabe! He was the perfect blend of the good guy, the real-life firefighting hero and the downright sexy Sullivan that he is while not on the job.

Megan and Gabe sizzle off the pages, getting down and dirty in some pages while lifting spirits and creating laughter in others.

Here’s just a taste of what to expect…

“Show me, Megan,” he said in a husky voice. “Show me how you like to be touched.”

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go out and grab this book, then I don’t know what else to say to convince you. This book really had it all. Family, friends, love and passion. I adored everything about this book!


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