Review: Callie’s Catastrophe by Ruby Dixon
Callie's Catastrophe
Book Info

Released: November 4, 2019
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Icehome #9
Pages: 267

“Wow. So this book.”
~ Under the Covers

Being stranded on an ice planet with no technology and no hope of ever going home is tough. For Callie, all that is true and she’s been told, because of a weird quirk of physiology that she is the ‘mate’ of with the biggest jerk in her new home and has to have his baby. Over her dead body. Even worse, everyone else is acting like she’s the bitch because she isn’t automatically spreading her legs for him. Now he has the audacity to kidnap her so he can try and get her alone and seduce her…and damn if it isn’t working just a little.

Wow. So this book. I have really enjoyed all of Ruby Dixon’s books, they’re sweet, sexy, funny and easy to read. I dive into the ice planet barbarian world and I am happy to stay there for a good long time. You can probably sense the but coming. But, this book had a really tricky plot point that had me going back and double checking I had read it correctly. I feel like it might be needed as a content warning, so here’s a little spoiler: the hero doesn’t only kidnap the heroine, he drugs and then kidnaps the heroine.

Yeah, I know. I don’t know why, but I would have rather he had bashed her round the head and ran off with her rather than using a drug. I would like to add, that apart from the whole ‘drugging her’ thing, he never forces himself on her and he never touches her in a sexual way when she is under the influence of the drug. But it skeeved me out a little. So, knowing how much it skeeved me out, especially as it was literally just used as a plot point to get the characters from point A to point B, I did go on and enjoy the rest of the book.

Like all Dixon books it was funny and sexy. Callie and M’Tok, despite a very rocky start were perfect for one another. And, once away from the others in the camp and forced to communicate with one another, it was quickly apparent that there were misunderstandings on both sides. Callie was also suffering from depression, something that was explicitly addressed in the book. I liked that the book tried to deal with this sympathetically, and didn’t entirely go down the route of the big strong man and his big ol’ cock ‘curing’ what ails her.

This book was a little troublesome, especially at the beginning when you realise what M’Tok is going to do, but I still enjoyed reading it. This is perhaps not my favourite in the series but it’s a must read if you’re already a Ruby Dixon fan. if you’re not a fan – and you should be, her books are great – then you need to go back and start with Ice Planet Barbarian and enjoy the ice planet adventure right from the start.


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