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“She does a fabulous job of mixing the suspenseful element of her story with a sexy and emotional romance.”
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I’ve done it again, I’ve binged a series. I literally couldn’t help myself. I was stuck at home at the time feeling poorly and this series kept me from utter misery. It was also one of my first audiobooks, and my first audiobook where there were multiple actors – one female and one male. So, as I read these books in very quick succession, I am reviewing this series as a whole, there were books I liked more than others, but each one got no less than 4 stars.

The Callahan & McLane series focuses on Detective Mason Callahan and FBI agent Ava McLane. They meet in book 1, Vanished, on a case involving Mason’s ex-wife and her step-daughter. This series is hard to pin a genre to, it’s part thriller, part romance, part romantic suspense. In each book we have a case to solve, but, the romantic relationship between Ava and Mason is just as important as catching the bad guy. So, if you love your romance, and want to give thrillers/mysteries a try, then this is a great series to ease yourself into that genre.

So, what kept me hooked to this series and had me complete all 4 books in this series in about 2 days? It was Mason and Ava. If you have read Elliot’s books previous to this you will recognise Mason as a side character in the Bone Secrets series and it is a real treat to see the detective get his own action packed HEA. Ava, as far as I know, was introduced in this series but I quickly came to like her. The relationship between these two really deepened and grew with each book, they each had their own insecurities and I loved seeing them work through it together. And having some hot sex as well.

I also liked that this was a romance between slightly older characters, Ava is in her 30’s and Mason is in his late 40’s, so although there is an age gap – something that Mason worries about in these books – I really liked the maturity and self-assurance of the characters.

The thriller elements were exciting as well, Elliot made the danger feel very real and had you wondering if they could really make it through. This also kept the books moving at a fast pace, forever driving you forward to read more. Which, is probably how I managed to read/listen to them so fast. I kept telling myself just one more chapter as I couldn’t leave at such a crucial time. Before you know it, you’ve finished the book.

A brilliant romantic thriller/mystery, suspense series. Kendra Elliot has fast become one of my favourite authors in this genre. She does a fabulous job of mixing the suspenseful element of her story with a sexy and emotional romance. This is a finished series and I was sad to see there were no more. However, knowing Elliot, the characters are bound to pop up in another one of her books.


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