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Life has been changing drastically for Jory Harcourt. But then again, Jory’s life has always been less than normal. He is constantly finding himself stumbling into trouble, but this time he finds himself caught between a lovesick ex and a drug smuggling, gun running criminal all while Sam is undercover.

Jory is one of those characters that you cannot help but love. Like all the side characters in the story, you find his personality magnetic and charming. Sometimes, I find myself asking WWJD – what would Jory do in certain situations because he always manages to weasel his way out of even the worst situations.

It’s why he is such a good match for Sam. Because even though a gun is being pointed Sam’s head and Jory is placed between the criminal who lusts after him, Jory doesn’t let the facade drop. He singlehandedly keeps the operation alive and that means, he keeps his lover alive too.

Countless times in this series, Jory manages to do things that the police in this series cannot. Sometimes, you have to suspend belief but it doesn’t make it less of an entertaining ride. When things get too hot to handle though, Jory is forced to head over to Hawaii. I love the details that Calmes incorporated in what little scenes they had about the Hawaiian culture.

But for me, the most interesting bits dealt with Aaron Sutter. Man, this guy just makes me want to break into song –*sings* He’s got it, he’s got it baddd. While Dr. Nick Sullivan had it just as bad, he got over it and married some chick. For Sutter though, I wonder if it will ever be that easy. He seems so caught up in the idea of loving Jory, that he doesn’t even see another person in his current lover. I know he gets a book and I am so glad that he does. Sutter deserves his own HEA after what he went through.

I only have one Sam and Jory book left. I think I may cry after this. I don’t even want to jump into the next book because I don’t want to reach the end. The ride, however, has been emotional and riveting. I know for sure that this series will be etched in my mind and I will be returning back for more rereads. I simply cannot get enough of Sam and Jory. They are perfect.

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