“While it’s not my favorite by this author, she always writes her stories in a way that you just can’t stop reading.”

~ Under the Covers

There’s something special about Whitney G. writing jerk heroes and great banter that gets me every time. And I’ve left this book sit on my kindle for a little while, not sure why. So I decided to pick it up finally because I was in the mood for a best friend’s little sister romance. 

The premise of this book is interesting and fun for the most part. Hayden, the hero, is tasked with keeping an eye on Penelope his best friend’s Travis sister while he goes away to become an MMA fighter. While this is all he’s trying to do at first, after all he’s a college kid and busy working on a dating app that he hopes will hit big someday, after Penelope comes to him for dating advice after some terrible encounters with guys an unlikely friendship develops. Years later and after his app did make it, they are still the closest of friends and she still sees to him for guidance after every break up. Now he just has to notice that he’s interested in more.

A lot of elements about this story were a lot of fun and I did enjoy reading this book. But it didn’t quite have the magic as some of her other books. I couldn’t buy into Penelope’s current day dependence on Hayden’s opinion in her relationships. And Hayden at times was not a guy I liked very much. Not necessarily when it came to our heroine but in general. I would’ve prefer him be a true jerk and I think he wasn’t really that either. Just a light one LOL There were also a few other thing that nagged at me at times, like Travis’s attitude and how easily Penelope threw away her friendship when she became infatuated with Simon. Both things felt out of character and just there to add drama to the story.

Nevertheless, this was a fun and quick story to read. There was certainly chemistry between them and I loved their connection and friendship. How they ended up being better friends than Hayden and Travis. While it’s not my favorite by this author, she always writes her stories in a way that you just can’t stop reading. And if you’re looking for a billionaire romance with epistolary elements, check this one out.


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