Fragile: Handle With Care. This book is so smokin’ hot it’s guaranteed to leave you with scorched knickers and the irresistible urge to bite…HARD!This book is our favourite in this series. It just has it all. But the main two reasons? Riley and Mercy. Seriously! To start with… Riley is just perfect. Not only is he so hot that people have been known to spontaneously orgasm when they hear his name *cough Suzanne cough* He’s also had a rough past, dealing with the death of both his parents, protecting the pack when he was nothing but a child and then the abduction, torture and almost death of his sister Brenna (from Caressed by Ice). He is always in control; always focused; always thinking. But when he puts all that focus, control and thoughts on one woman, she doesn’t stand a chance. He is one extremely hot, very dominant and incredibly amazing wolf RAWR. You can’t help but want to have a tumble in the forest with him… or in the shower… or against the door… no need for a bed really. They are completely overrated.

But let’s not leave Mercy behind! She is a dominant leopard female and because of this she struggles to find an equally dominant male who her leopard will respect. She has a take no shit attitude it is extremely loyal to her pack and her alpha, very much like Riley, but this was paired by a compassionate and playful nature. By the end of the book, I was a little in love with her!

The power play between these two caused a lot of tension, both emotional and sexual creating a really intense romance, which as they have such strong personalities, they have to work damn hard to make the relationship work. The tension also makes this book one of the hottest in the series, right from the first chapter, there is lots of biting and clawing going on, who knew being mauled could be so much fun?

We are also introduced to a couple of new characters, Eduardo and Joaquin they were definitely good alpha male material, and as the series seems to be running out of hot alpha felines, we could use a few more! And speaking of hot felines…what about Mercy’s brothers? How about giving them some books!?! Bastian, Grey and Sage have some potential! Maybe Bastian could be the next DarkRiver book, huh?

And Sascha and Lucas *wells up* can I just say how happy I am about them!? That is another great thing about this series, you get to see the characters after their HEA. And we love the presence of kids, what kind of pack would it be without adorable little cubs and pups? Whether they are human, changeling or Psy, we love them all! The moments with Sakura and Riley, then Ben and Hawke? Too adorable who can resist a man who loves kids? Then there’s also Toby, whom we think can really be a major player in the rest of the series.

Speaking of children, it seems that Sienna has finally grown up and THANK YOU SINGH for this change! Bring on the Hawke/Sienna action!

And let’s not leave aside the storyline progression, action and drama in this book. The Psy are going crazy and the conflict is escalating as Silence starts to fragment. The Alliance is striking against Changelings and the Psy and in general causing a lot of trouble. And who could be the Ghost? We all have our ideas and can’t wait to find out!

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