If you are looking for some heat this holiday season then this short story will warm you up. What could be the worst thing to do at the company Christmas party? Go home with the boss. But heck, Angela knows she’s good and she can find another job and Ryan is utterly delicious. But when she agreed to go home with him she wasn’t expecting that he’d have his best friend there.Of course Ryan didn’t expect it either. Wade is ruggedly handsome, a cowboy. Ryan is sophisticated model good looking. I mean… what more can a girl ask for Christmas? I’d say she was a good girl this year!

Ryan has never had a problem sharing women with Wade in the past but something about Angie wakes every possessive instinctive.

This story is short and it is an erotica story so there’s a lot of sex and not a lot of the actual storyline so if you’re looking for something hot then this will be for you.

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