Ohhhhhh I just know I’ll probably get some hate mail from this review but please, please, please… understand this is just my opinion. I know A LOT of people LOOOOOOOOVE this book and this series but I just didn’t see it and didn’t get there yet.OK so this book picks up kind of where the last one left off and Mac is still trying to get at her brothers killer and is now working for Barrons. She’s changed from the first book in the sense that she changed her appearance and a bit of her attitude. But she is nowhere near badass yet.  But it was an improvement.

Then there’s the fact that Barrons is still just using her for his own purposes but won’t tell tell her anything (about anything) and well… He’s a total antisocial, bitter and grumpy…..JERK! Sorry…. there…. I said it. Let the hate mail flow in.

I was really annoyed at Barrons for most of this book and just because out of NOWHERE he decides that all of a sudden he wants to kiss Mac at the end of this book (and yes that was a toecurling, hot as hell kiss, that promises Barrons is a sexual God)…Well that wasn’t enough for me to forget that I wanted to throttle him for far more than I wanted to jump his bones. Sometimes when a character is standoffish it’s kind of hot, when Barrons makes his comments and remarks he just sounds like a jerk. Sorry to all Barrons lovers, I know I’ll probably feel different when I see his sexual prowess.

Then there’s Mac. Is it possible that I just don’t like her that much? Well, no that’s not true. I like her ok I just don’t care about her one way or the other. And if I hear petunia one more time I’m going to scream!

The story was good but the pace was very slow for me. I found this book to be put-down-able because it didn’t really catch my attention until almost the very end, where the world turns upside down, there’s a ton of action and shit hits the fan and we are left with a brand new world to explore in the next book. Open to a whole lot of new possibilities. THIS IS EXCITING!

I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy the next book a lot more since a lot of things have changed but I feel like maybe this book was more of a getting from point A to point B in the series, and those are usually not my favorite.



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  1. lol I’m not going to yell at u at all. This book wasn’t the best in the series. and I think even in Shadowfever I hated Mac because she needs to stop being freaking cold and hot toward Barrons. Their problem extends all the way to the end. anyway I agree, Barrons is a jerk. When I read this I haven’t started blogging yet so I didn’t know so many ppl loved him. I just thought he was a hot jerk that Mac should just sleep with. I like him so much better at the end!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  2. you know a great someone once said that no two people read the same book, how true is that, now that being said you didn’t give the book a negative review at all and i agree with what you said. I in fact had a hard time with the fabulous Ms. Moning going from some hot hot romane into this hard fantasy, but and this is a big but by the time I finished the first book and got well into the second I was hooked and if you haven’t read the series any further than book two, don’t stop I think you’ll come around to the rest of our way of thinking in the end when she reveals all her secrets, tells all her lies and unlocks all her doors for you.
    It was a great review by the way

  3. I’m with you. I was not a big fan of the series, too long, too complicated stupid moves by the characters. The whole sex thing (in another book) didn’t work at all for me.

  4. Lol! I’m not going to yell, you made a lot of good points in your review – Barrons did act like an ass for most of the first two books and I could never decide if he was good or evil. Plus Mac is very immature in the first couple of books – partly because of her young age, partly because she’s a little spoiled and partly because she’s been lied to all of her life. It gets better in books 3&4 but just a warning – starting in book 3 the endings all have a cliffhanger…lol

  5. I have this on my stack for a re-read real soon. (Trying to get through the series.) It’s been a while since I read it, but your review is great. A LOL moment in there and now I need to read it to remember. I think I had some of those similar emotions/feelings. Great review!