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Review: Bitter Spirits by Jenn Bennett
Bitter Spirits
Book Info

Released: Jan. 7, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Roaring Twenties #1
Pages: 317


Kickstarting what is sure to be an explosive series, Jenn Bennett thrills and excites with BITTER SPIRITS. I can’t wait to discover more of this unique world. ~ Under the Covers

You may be shocked to know that Bitter Spirits, the first in the Roaring Twenties series is my first book by Jenn Bennett. My first reaction after finishing this book was, how on earth have I missed out on Bennett’s work in the past?

BITTER SPIRITS follows the likes of Kristen Callihan and Bec McMaster as she takes paranormal elements and places them into historical settings. The big difference between Bennett’s book is the time frame in which she chose to set her scene – it’s San Francisco and yup, you guessed it, it’s the roaring twenties! Bennett opted for ghosts and magic in this series and let me tell you, it’s a wonderful combination. Wholly unique and incredibly creative, BITTER SPIRITS completely lured me in and refused to release me from its grips until the very last page.

Aida Palmer is a unique character. As a spirit medium who is able to summon the dead, her personality really shines through in the narrative. Just from reading the opening chapter, I grew to love Aida’s fierce personality.

However, there was one character that I ended up liking more – Winter Maggnusson. Ah, Winter. You can call him a bootlegger, he doesn’t mind. But put on a hex on him and you’ve got one unhappy hero. Responsible for banishing the ghosts, Aida and Winter must now undergo a journey to find the curseworkers that will bring them together more than they have ever expected.

Other than the original idea for this series and the fabulous characters, there is also another thing readers need to take into account. Jenn Bennett’s authorial voice is fun, upbeat, and very, very enjoyable to read. There is a perfect balance of humor and heart, mixed in with great sexual tension and action scenes. I found that I enjoyed her voice so much that I began to recommend this title to fellow readers even before I had finished this book! I hoped that showed how well invested I became in this new-to-me author.

Kickstarting what is sure to be an explosive series, Jenn Bennett thrills and excites with BITTER SPIRITS. I can’t wait to discover more of this unique world.

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JENN BENNETT writes the Roaring Twenties historical paranormal romance series for Berkley Sensation and the Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series for Pocket Books. She lives near Atlanta with one husband and two bad pugs. Visit her at www.jennbennett.net.

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  1. I totally loved this one too. She did a great job with the historical paranormal world and the characters. And the plot? that was captivating too.

  2. You definitely have to try the Arcadia Bell series. It’s fantastic. I’m just sad that it is only going to be four books long, but I can’t wait to dive into Bitter Spirits. I know I will love it.

  3. New author on the horizon 😀
    First time I hear about the books from this author 🙂
    I like how sounds this book,definitely I will put on my TBR!

    Thanks for the lovely review Annie 🙂

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