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“If you love gossip and scandal mixed in with a dash of mystery then you will love BIG LITTLE LIES.”
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I’ve been wanting to read Liane Moriarty for such a long time!  I finally caved and got this audiobook because I had plans to watch the new TV show and I just can’t go into it without having read the book first.  So I’ll give you my book review and a comparison and mini show review as well at the end.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of the story.  It’s essentially a mystery but it was told in a very unique way.  I think that is my absolute favorite thing about this story.  You know something happened, but you’re not quite sure what and you have to piece the whole story together as you read this book.  It goes back in time to recount the events that all led to the conclusion, but in between all that, there’s also a police investigation and testimonies from different people.  Each testimony usually springs up some sort of story for you to get another clue.  It was all fascinating in the way it kept you engaged and constantly wanting to know more.

If you love gossip and scandal mixed in with a dash of mystery then you will love BIG LITTLE LIES.  Every character has their own problems, things they are hiding, things they are unhappy about.  Some I hated, some I loved.  But it was so entertaining and refreshingly… real.  The characters, the scenarios, the problems.  All very mundane and real, but the author manages to make those simple things seem not so simple.

As for the big mystery… I had hopes of how I wanted it to turn out, but I really thought the author would go in a different direction.  I was both happy about it and dissatisfied.  Part of what happens feels like the logical choice, but also the simplest.  I was hoping for more of a shocker to end the book with.  But like I said, it is exactly what I ultimately wanted in terms of who deserved it.

This was a fun book to read and one that captured my attention and kept me engaged throughout, so I definitely recommend it!

Now for the TV show.  Boy!  Am I glad I read the book before.  The casting is perfection.  The acting is obviously superb, I mean have you seen the cast??? Crazy!  And it follows the book perfectly.  What I’m not loving so far… It was slow.  Dreadfully slow.  I feel like episode one was Chapter one.  For someone who hasn’t read the book, I’m not sure in my opinion the show would be captivating.  But I’m holding out hope of course, that it picks up the pace.

You can check out the TV series here.




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