Review: Big Girl Lovin’ Trilogy by Angela Verdenius

Review: Big Girl Lovin’ Trilogy by Angela Verdenius
Doctor's Delight
Series: Big Girls Lovin' Trilogy #1
Pages: 118

I enjoyed each one, they had their emotional moments, their sexy moments and their funny moments.~ Under the Covers

Okay, forgive me for being super lazy, but I am going to review all the books in this trilogy in one review, this is to stop boring you with repetition as what I have to say about each book is pretty similar.

I normally reserve the first part of my review to give a general synopsis of the book, been as I doing a three in one deal I will give a general run down. In each book we have a heroine with body issues who unwittingly ensnares a hot man who then has the task of convincing his BBW heroine that he likes her just as she is.

I am in a BBW mood at the moment, I tend to go through phases so I have been lapping up Angela Verdenius like a fat chick let loose on a 6ft chocolate fountain. I feel safe saying this as I am that fat chick and if I was ever let loose on a 6ft chocolate fountain…then beware, I would suck that thing dry.

Anyways, back to the books, I enjoyed each one, they had their emotional moments, their sexy moments and their funny moments. Each of the heroines were likable and relatable for anyone who has few body issues, especially with those of us who have more “love” handles than a bike shop has regular ones.

But, the books themselves didn’t really differ, the heroes, heroines and plot line were exactly the same in each book, as was the language. Ms Verdenius has her favourite words and they are used with frequency in each and every book.

This was an enjoyable trilogy though, I did enjoy each book and have a soft spot for Mike from Cop’s Passion and I am going to continue my BBW obsession and read some more Angela Verdenius books.

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