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“There’s something about Darynda Jones’s writing that gives you a sense of comfort no matter the genre“
~ Under the Covers

Forty-something divorcee, Defiance Dayne is about to have a rude awakening!  After a brutal divorce, she was left heartbroken and broke.  As luck would have it, she inherited a house in Salem, Massachusetts that would give her more than she could ever dream of.  This semi haunted house also comes with a cat with personality, a hot handyman, and a small town full of personality. Most of all, she will discover magical things about herself she never thought possible. 

Betwixt is a very good start of the Betwixt and Between trilogy.  Darynda Jones will capture your heart with Bewitched or Charmed-like characters, a quaint small town, a kilt-wearing hero you’d want for yourself, and a heroine that will make you laugh and wish you’re best of friends.  There’s something about Darynda Jones’s writing that gives you a sense of comfort no matter the genre.  She seems to grasp all the personality traits you love from your friends and family and distribute them to all the characters in the book; leaving the not so likable traits aside.  The mystery is light but heavy enough that you keep turning the pages. The magic presented in the story was given to you in doses the same time it is given to the characters.  I like that you experience the madness alongside the heroine.  Side note, the next installment, it gets better. 



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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was OK. Some of the dialogue was a bit much and long-winded.

    I’m still deciding if I’ll read book 2.