Review: Better Than 8: Fantasy by Erin Jamison
Better Than 8: Fantasy
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Released: May 27th 2011
Pages: 132

What girl doesn’t fantasize about a guy with a HUGE dick, 8 inches or more just for your pleasure? Well Amara certainly does, and at the advice of her girlfriends she signed up to a dating website that offered just that, cocks that are 8 inches or better! And yes maybe I did check to see if it was a real site LMAO! What she didn’t expect was to strike up an online relationship with sexy and very well endowned Sevastian…

I love the idea for this book. I think if I were a guy I may be a little offended, but I figure that it is just payback for guys who only like women with tits the size of watermelons. We can all have our fantasies! And Seva, what a fantasy! Gorgeous, generous and gigantic, he hits all my G spots. Then throw Naldo into the mix another guy with the G factor and I think it has GOT to be every woman’s wet dream come true. Or is that just me?!

So this a great short and sexy read, light hearted and fun this left me with a huge (and dirty) smile on my face!

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About Erin Jamison

An avid reader by nature, Erin Jamison dreamed of telling stories of her very own. Mustering her bravado, she forged ahead to create a series of stories that promote individuality, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, and passion. She writes sensual erotic stories of women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it for women who want a bit of a thrill too.

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